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Commute time and quality are linked to health. Employers can have a meaningful influence on employees' commutes and, consequently, well-being.

Trains, Pains, and Automobiles: Your Commute Influences Your Health

I’ve been commuting since I was in high school, when I had to take the F train to Coney Island  to switch for the B train to Bay 50th. After college, it was a long schlep from Brooklyn to Manhattan, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other passengers in a stiflingly hot subway car. Fast forward to my California days, forfeiting 90 minutes in each direction sitting in traffic on the 101, arriving at work drained and, later, missing dinner with the family. Then a new job I could ride my bike to, over a hill in Sonoma County, burning 500 calories each way! I can testify firsthand to...